Welcome to pb nutrition, where we're dedicated to making plant-based eating simple and delicious! Our team is made up of busy professionals and dietitians who understand firsthand how hard it can be to find healthy meal options on the go. That's why we created our tasty and nourishing shakes - the perfect solution for busy people looking for a quick fix for hectic (and lazy) days.

pb nutrition was developed by the Sanitarium Health Food Company to help give more people the nutrition they need to live well. That mission dates back to 1898 when we created our first health foods made from wholegrains, nuts, seeds and vegetables. Today, we’re still looking for ways to help make healthier choices easier - and we remain passionate about plant-based nutrition too! There are many reasons why millions of Australians find it hard to maintain a healthy diet. When you’re too busy, too tired or just lacking inspiration to make a healthy meal, we hope pb nutrition with its great taste and 5 Health Star Rating makes eating well easier for you.

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